2013 December Pilgrimage to the Pinnacles Morning Panorama (2D)

AM Panorama small

As the sun rises in the East the full moon sets in the West.

We finally got the shot. Low cloud threatened to hide the moon from us but a floating window revealed it to us.


Some 3D photos of the pilgrimage to come soon.

Yeah – 500 year old Pohutukawa tree

The interior of 500 year old Pohutukawa tree in nJnd af, Pueleaz Mau. Here I am surrounded by the canopy and walls that the branches and leaves make about the size of a very large 3-story house with double garage. It makes me shout “Yeah!” ~ Reverend Arthur Slade, C4D

Aloha, Hola

Rev Arthur Slade of the Church of the Fourth Dimension 2012-09-29