Reincarnation and Karma in the 4th Dimension

Our understanding of reincarnation has always been completely linear.

Our understanding of reincarnation has always been completely linear.

A common misconception about reincarnation is that it is linear. That is, after you die your soul is sent to the body of a new born baby. I want to destroy that myth today and replace it with a new way to see the world. Although the idea of the immortal soul appeals to the ego, when followed to its logical conclusion it doesn’t make sense. Having a new body means you also get a new blank brain, a clean slate, the synapses shaped only by the experiences of the new life. You do not remember any previous lives. There is no evidence for linear reincarnation only beliefs and no reason to believe it. Actually, it is really a hollow promise in a religious system of control like the promise that you’ll get to heaven when you die. Really, does your brain survive death and move on? What part of you knows where you are after death. Ideas appeal to our intellect – our brain. Heaven is here now. Sorry, it is pointless waiting for a messiah. You must be responsible for your world.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could spend some time with your previous or future incarnations? That’s actually what happens all of your life. Your parents are the past you and your children are your future you. Your children share your genetic makeup and the children you raise, teach or entertain are going to inherit your character, values, beliefs, humour and prejudices just as you inherited them from those who raised you: your parents, your teachers, your idols, and your entertainers.

Did you ever hear your parents voice come out of your mouth? Or ever hear your children say something and suddenly realise how often you say it?

Another misconception is the idea of karma. Good karma will see you born into a rich family next time. Bad karma, you’ll be a slug. Not true. That only serves to justify a caste system.

Your karma is how stable your children are. And you can see it now in this life. Every day you decide what your next incarnation will be like. Remember that. In a power struggle parents sometimes intimidate and interrogate their children. The natural response from the child is stubbornness and becoming aloof. Well, how would you respond? Remember, it is you responding.

You are your children as you are your parents. You are your students as you are your teachers. You are your audience as you are your entertainers. They are your next hope. Support them, give them a boost. What do you want to pass on? Watch yourself pass it on. Take care deciding how to school your children and how they are entertained. Read up about how your future selves are learning about this world. Read up about what developmental stages they are in and how they are learning about the world.

The only way you will remember this life after you die is if you can pass on those memories to your children. Share your world with them when they are ready. This is why most of us don’t know where we come from or understand our parents. Our imaginations where hijacked by TV and movies so we never asked our parents about their lives. I remember my mother telling me about her father’s experience of the first time he saw an aeroplane flying over his farm. Can you imagine that being a novel experience? It was, and that is a glimpse of where we have come from.

Enjoy this insight. Embracing it may revolutionize your relationships. Realize that having children is a spiritual activity. Have fun with and love everyone you engage with until your last day as you, because, remember, they are really you.

Found: One Moon GOD

I stumbled upon GOD one day when explaining the phases of the moon to a young science student. “An easy way to remember the sequence is that the light on the moon in the evening  just after the sun sets is shaped like a C here in the southern hemisphere.” I then explained how it would then get full and wane until it looked like a D rising before the sun. But that bugged me. A backwards C was a better description because a capital D is more like the last quarter. But if we are talking in quarters then what letter is the first quarter? G, I suppose. And the full moon is obviously…O… my god. I found you!

It is a custom in our world to observe the seventh day to honour GOD. Now, can you guess what happens in the heavens every seven days? One of the four phases of the moon as pictured here.

We have finally found GOD

This is where the Church of the Fourth Dimension comes in. We believe that we live in a 3 dimensional world. Everything has length, width and depth. But what about time? When we examine our world in the fourth dimension we start seeing things. When we put these four images of the moon phases (four slices of time) together we are viewing the fourth dimension in a two dimensional context. We have gone a step further. Using the anaglyph technique of viewing through red/cyan glasses each eye is seeing each phase a day apart emphasizing the roundness of the seemingly flat image of the moon.

Now we can see what is written in the stars.


This is the origin of the word we use to describe the guardian of our planet. Just as the Hebrews also formed the word יהוה or Yahweh. Yod (י) is the new moon, He (ה) the half moons (first and last quarters) and Wau (ו) the full moon.

Yod (י) is the new moon, He (ה) the half moons (first and last quarters) and Wau (ו) the full moon.

Reverend Bares All For Art

Rev Arthur Slade was a life model for artist Sijjey Jayfsa on Wednesday as an example for disciples to come out of their shells, try new experiences and to expand their horizons. This leads to life in the Fourth Dimension.

Einstein – The Religion Of The Future

Albert Einstein ~ The Religion of the Future
3Ded by Rev A Slade September 2012

The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology.
Covering both natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity.
Albert Einstein