Full Moon Rise at Sunset Panorama October 2013

Pinnacles Panorama Small

As a surprise event Rev A Slade took a few of the faithful to the Salceuu!d (the pinnacles) to witness the full moon and the sun in the sky at the same time. This is a very rare sight and can only be seen from a great height. The Salceuu!d is 759 meters above sea level and takes 4 hours to walk to.

The Reverend took this panoramic photo (unfortunately only 2D) which pans from south to west to north and east. Click on the picture to enlarge. Because of the scope of the photo the moon seems small. It is under the large cloud to the left of the nearby rock which actually the top of the Salceuu!p.

They stayed in a hut nearby and at dawn the faithful ascended again hoping to see the opposite – the moon setting as the sun rose. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see anything.

O Moon August 2013 3D/4D

Some 3D/4D photos from tonight:

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We celebrate the O Moon (Full Moon) with drums with round skins. We bring our attention to circular movement with fire poi and fire staff. We are aware of cycles, seasons, spirals and rhythms. Time and space.

DSCF9488 4D moon

DSCF9487 4D moon

DSCF9486 4D moon

DSCF9485 4D moon

DSCF9484 4D moon

DSCF9483 4D moon
Note: The full moon image is digitally enhanced for these images

August’s Moon Days are all on Wednesdays this year

For the month of August all the Moon Days are on Wednesdays. Today is the first with a Noon No Moon lunch. Next week is the G Moon (First Quarter) dinner. Then there is a the O Moon (Full Moon) Drumming peaking at midnight. Finally is the D Moon (Last Quarter) breakfast. These meetings and meals take place when the moon is at the zenith, right above us.

Moon GOD Southern 3D 4 Phase with letters

Double Trine Alignment 2013-07-29

2013-07-29 allignment 4D

Six heavenly bodies are aligned 60 degrees apart from Earth’s perspective. Reverend Arthur Slade has prepared this visualization as an illustration for what this means.

Merry O’Moon Day

Lunar libration with phase Oct 2007 450px 4D

View with red/blue 3D glasses.

Reverend Arthur Slade created a 4D version of this animation found on Wikipedia.

The 60 frame animation originally showed the moon at 12 hour intervals. The effect is an appreciation of not only the way the light source gives us our moon phases as it circles us but also the apogee/perigee cycle as we can see the moon sweep in and swing back.

This swinging, turning motion has actually give us a chance to understand the spherical nature of the moon. Here, it is clearly not a disc but a ball.

Reverend Arthur Slade took each frame, split them into red and cyan and then offset one of the images by a frame, that is, 12 hours. With red/cyan 3D glasses each eye is seeing the moon with 12 hours time difference. The movement in that time is enough for us to get a impression of its roundness.

Because the 3D effect is due to a difference in time Slade dubs this ‘4D’

To find out why today is called the O’Moon day click here

Tonight we will celebrate the full moon outside St James Church on the corner of Pollen and Pahau streets in Thames at midnight with a flash mob drumming circle.

Jupiter and Io 3D

They meet every second day or so.

Correggio Jupiter and Io 3D

Inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, this is Correggio’s vision of the mysterious Jupiter’s (or Zeus) encounter with the sensual and tactile Io. The model for Jupiter here also had a main role in the TV series Lost. 3Ded by Rev A Slade

Jupiter and Io 3D

The shadow of Io, one of Jupiter’s 4 moons, passes across the face of the planet. This happens about every 42 earth hours. 3Ded by Rev A Slade