Chromatic Spiral ~ Harmonic Series 3D

In previous versions of the Chromatic Circle I have introduced depth as a way of portraying pitch of notes but I’ve found it cumbersome. In researching for the Great Sphere I have come across the work of Marysol Gonzallez Sterling and her Biosonic webpage. There I saw the musical spiral amongst other things and it struck me as the obvious answer.

Here is the current version of the Chromatic Scale Spiral 3D as at 2013-05-23. The Spiral will be part of the Great Sphere.

Chromatic Spiral 2

The Spiral is displaying the Harmonic Series here. You can get more details on the Harmonic Series at the Wikipedia page but briefly it is a series of pitches present in all notes and the physics foundation for Western harmonic structure.

First_eight_harmonics_vertical 3D

Each note is another fraction along from the note before. If the low C pictured above is this first line (0-1) then the next C above that is the next line below (1/2). That’s an octave. The next note up is a 1/3 harmonic and lands on the G – the perfect fifth. The 1/4 gives an interval of a perfect fourth which brings us back to C. 1/5 makes a major third taking us to E, 1/6 is a minor third to get us to G and 1/7 is a subminor third to give us Bb. Next, the 1/8 gives us a supermajor second to get us back to C for the fourth time covering three octaves. And it doesn’t stop there.

Anyone with some musical theory knowledge will see that these notes make your standard chord. Although , the further along the series the less standard it is.

693px-Harmonic_partials_on_strings 3D

2D Preview of the 12 Colour Wheel

RAS Working on Chart smallHappy D’Moonday to you. I hope you had a great breakfast. Here is a sneak peek at the 12 Colour Wheel that the Reverend is working on. It’s not quite finished and it’s still in it’s 2D state.

Colour Wheel smallThe  Reverend is still unsure how it will end up but it is big!

Seat Of The Soul

The French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) dedicated much time to the study of the pineal gland, as can be seen from this sketch. He called it the “principal seat of the soul” and believed the pineal was the point of connection between the intellect and the body.

H = Pineal Gland. 3Ded by Rev A Slade

H = Pineal Gland. 3Ded by Rev A Slade

An article in New Dawn magazine (Special Issue Vol 6 No 4) titled Mystery of the Pineal Gland Finally Revealed? by Anthony Peake uses this diagram and shares some very interesting insights. In particular, information about Biophotons, how living things emit small quantites of light. Peake suggests that Biophotons are what the third eye (the pineal gland) sees in dream states and during Near-Death Experiences. Examples are when people who have been blind from birth have a Near-Death Experience and actually see their body from the outside and follow a light down a tunnel.

Jupiter and Io 3D

They meet every second day or so.

Correggio Jupiter and Io 3D

Inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, this is Correggio’s vision of the mysterious Jupiter’s (or Zeus) encounter with the sensual and tactile Io. The model for Jupiter here also had a main role in the TV series Lost. 3Ded by Rev A Slade

Jupiter and Io 3D

The shadow of Io, one of Jupiter’s 4 moons, passes across the face of the planet. This happens about every 42 earth hours. 3Ded by Rev A Slade


12/12/12 12:12:12

Planetary Alignment 3D

2012-12-03 Alignment 3D

Imaging by Celestia, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade


2012-12-03 Alignment Jupiter 3D

Imaging by Celestia, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade

As for the Giza Alignment:

Giza Dawn 2012-12-03 alignment 3D

Imaging by Google Earth and Stellarium, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade