Prophecy and Premembering

A dear old friend of mine has surprised me again with a view that I do not share. Sometimes when the truth seems so clear to me I assume that everyone else shares the view. It’s not the case and sometimes the opposing view has been shaped by a religious text.

I won’t go into detail right now about the issue because it is topical and I hope that the words I write here will stay relevant to the reader regardless of when they are read.

Two friends had an argument about a political issue and the friend whose side I was not on later shared with me that his opinion was shaped by a prophecy in the book of Revelation. He gave particular importance to this piece of writing because of the religion he follows.

Prophecy is a powerful instrument of control. I can show you how it works so you may free yourself of it’s control and make it work for you. The book of Revelation is the perfect example. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where these writings came from but at any rate the Catholic Church included them in their Bible the contents of which were officially decided upon at the Council of Trent. It was at first puzzling to me why they included it because it seems to describe the Catholic Church in a bad light. It talks about a False Church lead by a False Christ with a name offensive to God. I will explain it in detail some other time but if you read it yourself it will become apparent.

Execute Order 666

Why would they spread a prophecy that says they are the bad guys?
The reason is because it is actually a plan. It’s brilliant. You tell people to expect oppression and promise relief. In this case, relief is death. No believer will bother standing up against you because Jesus Christ is promised to return and make the world a better place. The responsibility to change things is removed from the believer and apathy is created because someone else will tidy the mess. Believers accept the oppression.

This is the secret of prophecy and the good news is that you can now free yourself from it and you can now write your own.

Think about your life so far. We call this Remembering. Now think of how you would like your life to continue. We call this Premembering. Write it down and refer back to it over time. Watch how it comes true. It may not happen as you expect, or in the time frame you want, but watch it.

When we Remember things we only recall a few points that our senses picked up and our imagination fills in the rest. The events are only from our own point of view and we are very susceptible to suggestion.  For example, a group of people may tell many versions of the same incident.

When we Premember we can imagine many various scenarios because at that point there are many different ways life can play out. Choose what you want and write it down. It’s important to write it down because it becomes a measuring stick. When the events come to pass the written words help us to see the potential of our imagination.