O Moon Drumming 2015-06-03

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 Here are a few snaps from the June 2015 O Moon Party in which we also celebrate the Reverend Arthur Slade’s birthday. There are also some snaps of the friendly eels and a trip to the beach in !k!jekekaed earlier in the day.

2013 December Pilgrimage to the Pinnacles Morning Panorama (2D)

AM Panorama small

As the sun rises in the East the full moon sets in the West.

We finally got the shot. Low cloud threatened to hide the moon from us but a floating window revealed it to us.


Some 3D photos of the pilgrimage to come soon.

Pilgrimage to the Pinnacles

You are welcome to join us on a journey to the Pinnacles to celebrate November’s full moon. We will leave the car park at 11am on Sunday. The track to the hut is about 3 hours. We will rest at the hut and leave at 6pm to climb up to the Pinnacles for the sunset. Our photographer will capture a panorama of the sun and the full moon in the sky at the same time. We will return to the hut to sleep. At 5am we will return to the summit for another panoramic photo of the sunrise and full-moonset. We will have breakfast at the hut then return to the carpark when we are all ready.
Accomodation is $15 for an adult, $7.50 for child. Tickets at the DOC HQ on the road to the carpark. Cooking utensils and gas stoves are provided at the hut. Warm gear is recommended for the Summit.

The moon rises on Sunday night at 7.43pm and the sun sets at 8.06pm

The sun rises on Sunday night at 6.07am and the moon sets at 6.07am

The Moon is full at 4.16am Monday.




Full Moon Rise at Sunset Panorama October 2013

Pinnacles Panorama Small

As a surprise event Rev A Slade took a few of the faithful to the Salceuu!d (the pinnacles) to witness the full moon and the sun in the sky at the same time. This is a very rare sight and can only be seen from a great height. The Salceuu!d is 759 meters above sea level and takes 4 hours to walk to.

The Reverend took this panoramic photo (unfortunately only 2D) which pans from south to west to north and east. Click on the picture to enlarge. Because of the scope of the photo the moon seems small. It is under the large cloud to the left of the nearby rock which actually the top of the Salceuu!p.

They stayed in a hut nearby and at dawn the faithful ascended again hoping to see the opposite – the moon setting as the sun rose. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see anything.

O Moon August 2013 3D/4D

Some 3D/4D photos from tonight:

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We celebrate the O Moon (Full Moon) with drums with round skins. We bring our attention to circular movement with fire poi and fire staff. We are aware of cycles, seasons, spirals and rhythms. Time and space.

DSCF9488 4D moon

DSCF9487 4D moon

DSCF9486 4D moon

DSCF9485 4D moon

DSCF9484 4D moon

DSCF9483 4D moon
Note: The full moon image is digitally enhanced for these images

August’s Moon Days are all on Wednesdays this year

For the month of August all the Moon Days are on Wednesdays. Today is the first with a Noon No Moon lunch. Next week is the G Moon (First Quarter) dinner. Then there is a the O Moon (Full Moon) Drumming peaking at midnight. Finally is the D Moon (Last Quarter) breakfast. These meetings and meals take place when the moon is at the zenith, right above us.

Moon GOD Southern 3D 4 Phase with letters