Easter Eats Faster Fats

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend after the first full moon after the march equinox aka Easter.

It’s assumed that Easter is a celebration of new life. It is spring in the northern hemisphere so there are lots of baby animals coming out. Christians celebrate the Christ coming back to life.
That’s great, but my brothers and sisters, we are celebrating with food and when food is treated this way there is usually trouble. Let’s have a look.

The symbols of Easter are eggs and bunnies representing new life. But we don’t eat actual eggs and rabbits because we wouldn’t be celebrating new life by destroying it. That would be much too ironic. It would be more like sacrificing the first fruits of a crop.

But eating chocolate eggs and bunnies still has this irony. Chocolate usually has milk in it. The milk comes from cows. Milk only comes from a mammal after she has given birth so to get milk the farmer must get the cow pregnant (is consent important to the farmer?) but then he doesn’t want to keep another calf so sends it off to be slaughtered before it is a week old. This is how the milk industry works but not many people realize that the milk they use needed rape, breaking a mother and baby’s bond and then death of that baby.

That can’t be part of a celebration of new life, can it?

Some eggs have marshmallow in them. Pigs and horses feet are used to make gelatine and marshmallow so that’s also not celebrating life.

If you do actually find animal-free dark chocolate bunnies and eggs, the amount of sugar in them will be an insult to your sacred temple, your body, shortening your life. So it’s also not really celebrating new life, but, in fact, your early death.

Hot Cross Buns seem alright though. A lot of bread products have milk or eggs in them, so check the ingredients on the packet if you have bought them or ask the baker.

Celebrate new life by being creative, careful and respectful. Celebrate this weekend but also every day.

In the southern hemisphere, we are in autumn and enjoying the harvests. I am in heaven with a feijoa tree and plenty of passionfruit and nectarines.

I’m going to go and eat an Easter Eggplant now.

Love is everything!