2013 December Pilgrimage to the Pinnacles Morning Panorama (2D)

AM Panorama small

As the sun rises in the East the full moon sets in the West.

We finally got the shot. Low cloud threatened to hide the moon from us but a floating window revealed it to us.


Some 3D photos of the pilgrimage to come soon.

Full Moon Rise at Sunset Panorama October 2013

Pinnacles Panorama Small

As a surprise event Rev A Slade took a few of the faithful to the Salceuu!d (the pinnacles) to witness the full moon and the sun in the sky at the same time. This is a very rare sight and can only be seen from a great height. The Salceuu!d is 759 meters above sea level and takes 4 hours to walk to.

The Reverend took this panoramic photo (unfortunately only 2D) which pans from south to west to north and east. Click on the picture to enlarge. Because of the scope of the photo the moon seems small. It is under the large cloud to the left of the nearby rock which actually the top of the Salceuu!p.

They stayed in a hut nearby and at dawn the faithful ascended again hoping to see the opposite – the moon setting as the sun rose. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see anything.

Double Trine Alignment 2013-07-29

2013-07-29 allignment 4D

Six heavenly bodies are aligned 60 degrees apart from Earth’s perspective. Reverend Arthur Slade has prepared this visualization as an illustration for what this means.

The Mountain Of Love

To those not on the beautiful realm of Pueleaz Mau I extend warmest greetings to you and blessings. I have to say I have enjoyed sharing my journey with you through these communications.

You may be aware of the increase of volcanic activity on the island I belong to or you may be more focused on the activity in your own location. Pueleaz Mau only exists because the fault lines pushed the bottom of the sea to the top and we have always known it is only a matter of time.

af!ym has been stirring over the years. Steaming away out there she may look like a she’s been sent to the corner and  having time out from the rest  but she is actually the nipple of the breast that makes the whole bay.

White Island Dome Closeup 3D

An unusual ‘dome’ has formed in the crater about 25 meters wide with spines sticking up out of it.

nyapanj has been calling for years. I once climbed her and from her peak I could see across the clouds to my birthplace. She has been making threats for years and we hear her still today.

eyoje af

eyoje af has been looking over my home for years and now I shall climb her once more tomorrow for the new moon with other members of the Church of the 4th Dimension to begin the solstice observance with a time of fasting, feasting, praying, playing, remembering and premembering. I intend to return after two full moons but have set up a few little posts to come through automatically while I am meditating on the mountain of love, eyoje af.

!nu eyoje, much love to you,


12/12/12 12:12:12

Planetary Alignment 3D

2012-12-03 Alignment 3D

Imaging by Celestia, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade


2012-12-03 Alignment Jupiter 3D

Imaging by Celestia, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade

As for the Giza Alignment:

Giza Dawn 2012-12-03 alignment 3D

Imaging by Google Earth and Stellarium, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade