How To Become POWERFUL!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the insanity around you?

I don’t blame you.

We are used to seeing a dirty world. It’s easy to believe heaven is somewhere else. The streets are filthy and busy with anxious people trying to be somewhere else with no time for peacefulness, good food or clean water. They have deadlines to meet, things to see and people to do. We are worried about war, loss of sovereignty, poverty, health. We are worried about the future.

But heaven is actually here, now. We only need to tap into it.

We have the power to make it more visible and to overpower hell.

What is happening, and has been happening for some time now, is that we have been focused on the wrong thing and giving our power away. You must learn what your power is and correct the channel it flows into.

The obvious example is when you buy something. Money is power. It is the reason people are polluting our planet. In our oceans we currently have what are called deadzones. These are huge areas of water which have too much nitrogen. Nothing can grow in there. The nitrogen and other pollution comes from intense meat factories. These are what have replaced the traditional farms that we see pictured on the packages of animal products in the supermarket.

If we stopped buying these products the deadzones would disappear.

It really is that simple.

We would also get a lot more healthier and need less healthcare. The drug industries would then die and remove another source of pollution.

We would also stop feeling guilty about the animal cruelty we are responsible for when we eat animal products. This guilt clouds our mind but of course we can’t tell until we stop supporting the cruelty industry. When we eat the animal products we are taking in violence committed  on those animals. That grows inside us and eventually comes out. We find ourselves having angry outbursts, fights, war and sickness.

It’s obvious that getting meat from animals involves some cruelty but what’s cruel about milk, eggs and honey?

Cows make milk for their young. Humans artificially inseminating cows so they have calves only to kill the calves so we can take the milk the cows produce for the calves. When the cow is too old and ‘dries up’ the factory/farmer can’t justify keeping her and kills her before her time. If you don’t see what is wrong with that read it again but replace Cow with Mother, Calf with Baby and Artificially Inseminate with Rape because that is what it is.

Hens lay eggs to have babies. She will lay enough until she is satisfied with the number and sit on them. This is natural enough. Humans take the eggs away so the mother is never satisfied with her number. This is an unnecessary strain on her body and very cruel. The humans do this until the poor girl is too stressed to lay anymore at which time the factory/farmer can’t justify keeping her and kills her before her time.

Bees are making honey so they have food to eat over the winter. Humans take their stores and replace it with sugar water. If sugar water was what they really need they would make sugar water but they don’t. They make honey. They bees are in trouble and are dying out. We need to stop interfering with their food. If they disappear other plants will have a hard time getting pollenated and all life on earth will suffer and die.

It doesn’t matter if the animals are in a factory or on a free range farm. These acts of cruelty still are happening.

I can understand a human dominating another living creature for food if it was a matter of life or death but it actually isn’t. We can get all that we need from plants: fruits, roots, shoots, leaves, seeds and nuts.

It is because we have this option that we have power. When we buy real food we are standing up to the faceless industries that are killing our planet and we are saying no. They are watching carefully what we put our money into. When we send our money to the plant-based foods industries they will still want it and close down there factories of death and cruelty. The land that was used to grow the food to feed the animals they tortured will then grow food to feed us.

We will then be free of our addiction to cruelty foods and have a cleaner, fresher world and so send our power into organic foods and become even cleaner.

In this consumer-based world, we the consumer, hold the power. The industry is not necessarily evil, it’s only responding to our addiction to animals. We are starting on a journey to empower ourselves and clean up our lives and our home.

If you feel overwhelmed and powerless it will be an addiction whispering lies to you. Ask for help. Help is everywhere. (This previous sermon may help.) I am not affiliated with Allen Carr but his books on Smoking, Alcohol and Food worked for me personally. But there are also so many other ways to get help with addiction. Just look for it. (By the way, we now know that cheese is actually addictive; it has a similar chemical structure to heroin.)

For more information on animal-free plant-based lifestyle look out for these films: Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Hungry For Change, Food Matters, Vegucated, Blackfish

Remember, you already have the power. If you didn’t know that, it was probably pouring into the wrong thing. Focus it into the best direction. It will take a little time getting your aim steady but the more you do it the stronger you’ll get.


You are on the right track.



High Society

Your enemy has created an economy on nurturing addictions. If you want to make money get into the addiction industry. It doesn’t have to be illegal either. Drugs are of course what immediately springs to mind when we talk about addictions. Yes they do a lot of damage but the worst thing about them is that they are another distraction. For the addict, they are a distraction from reality and for the rest of us they are a distraction from other drug dependencies in our communities. Once again we need to step back and look at Life in the Fourth Dimension.

Alcohol and Tobacco

It is rare to go out at night to meet with friends without alcohol being the common factor. Smoking is another addictive substance that the government makes a lot of money from the tax of it being sold. These two legal addictions are treated as symbols of freedom and relief from the pressures of life.

If you cannot get your head around why we are still tolerating these killers it is probably because they are nothing compared to the so called harmless drugs most of us have fallen victim to.

Tea and Coffee

Have you ever wondered why it is rare to go to any social or community function where tea and coffee is provided? Naturally, we cannot think straight if we have not had a regular dose of caffeine. How crazy does that sound? But it helps to relax people. No, what is happening is that we are tending to our withdrawal symptoms.

Junk food

Somehow we have gotten into the custom of seeing junk food as a treat, a privilege, a reward. The opposite is the case. Junk food is a punishment. It is a disservice to ourselves. Parents are passing this custom on to their children when they throw birthday parties with sweets and soft drinks. It is setting the children up to have the same view that these poisons are to be cherished and desired.

How did it happen?

How did we fall into these traps? The first time you try these delicious treats you have already been exposed to others enjoying it and naturally, to belong to the group, you partake. You will probably repel it. If you are secure in yourself and can hear what your body says, you will reject it and not do it again. If not you may experience a rush. It is an entirely chemical reaction. You are a biological system and react to substances. There are things that interact with your serotonin, or in other words, make you feel happy.

The sugar-rush, drunkenness, high, nicotine or caffeine-buzz, lasts for a period and then you come down. You always land lower than when you started. This is the trick to the addiction. To get to the same level you need to do slightly more of the substance or find something harder. It is the same with all addictions.

It is a simple formula. The seasoned junkie has to get a hit just to feel normal again. This is why South American tribes have been displaced and the jungles ripped down to grow coffee and cacao beans. This is why the poppy fields of Afghanistan have been invaded by the USA. This is why the number of liquor stores and cafés are increasing. And why the government continues to raise the tax on buying tobacco instead of providing support to stop using it.

Glorified Addiction

The addict is full of self pity. It is easy to feel sorry for yourself. Marketers know this and are laughing at us when they glorify our addictions in slick ad campaigns and Hollywood product placement. If they can make it look cool to get you to try it a second time then the product will sell itself.

How do I escape?

Ironic isn’t it? All we wanted to do in the first place was escape. Now here is there real escape route:

1 Don’t bother feeling guilty about your addiction. It is a chemical reaction. Besides, when we feel guilty we get stressed and look for relief. Most addictions are presented as stress relief activities. Now you know why there are so many ‘anti-addiction’ ads to make an addict feel guilty. They do not really want you to stop.

2 Research addictions. Talk to other people who have had addictions and kicked them. Find out what they learnt if they are willing to share. Take note of what addicts go through when they cannot get their fix. What is their mood like? How do they treat others? How do they perform at simple tasks?

3 Research your substance. Know what it does to you, positive and negative. Know what to expect when you stop. Find out how long it takes for withdrawal symptoms to clear and what support you will need during that period. Find out how long it will take for the substance to completely leave your body. If you feel discomfort during this period, acknowledge it and enjoy every moment of it. You are feeling the demise of the addiction monster. Laugh at its pathetic death cries.

4 Plan ahead for a time to stop. Organise the support you need to be there and be completely open with them about what you are doing and what you need or to have a stress-free environment. OR do it right now. Accept the responsibility. If you do this you must keep guard of your emotions during this time. The truth is you are going to be edgy so be aware of this. But really, the sooner the better, so don’t bother putting it off.

5 Don’t swap the substance or activity for another negative addiction (e.g. don’t drink tea to avoid coffee). Find a positive one. Get ‘addicted’ to spending time with your loved ones, studying, gardening, exercising, or meditating. Get creative, get busy but remember to not bother with stress.

6 Stop and never do it again. And now that you’ve stopped, you now know what it was like: it was a trap. You don’t have to try it again to find out. Always remember that you have learned from this experience. And always celebrate that you are rid of that awful thing.

So there you have it. How to kick the habit in a thousand words or less. We haven’t really addressed hard drugs and we haven’t mentioned gambling, gaming and other psychological addictions. This topic falls under the category of Creating a Stress-Free Life where we also look at the Raw Food Diet, Living with Nature and Living in the Fourth Dimension.

Until then,

Reverend Arthur Slade