IMPORTANT: You don’t need to be able to see 3D to enjoy the art of the Church of the Fourth Dimension. You will need a red filter and a blue filter such as is found in some red/blue 3D glasses. Only have one eye that works? Simply cover the eye with one filter at a time. In most examples the important thing about the 4D image is the difference between the images that get through each coloured filter.

Instructions about how to view 4D images are HERE

The Church of the Fourth Dimension is establishing a new reality to live in and a new code to live by.

We are dismantling the fear of GOD. We are freeing people from addictions. We are boycotting the industries that profit from our enslavement. We are empowering people. We are enriching lives. We are realising our dreams.

I am Arthur Slade. I am the Reverend of the Church of the Fourth Dimension. I am an imaginary character of Martin Gardner’s mathematical genius who has slipped in through the cracks of reality. I am a heartist. I am a mathemagician. I am a psientist. And I am your guide on this journey through the fourth dimension.

3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi, my name is Mike. I have some research findings which point out the setting of the Gnosis bit in ancient assembler language code I extracted from the geometric patterns/solids of existence. You are welcome to these findings if you want them.

    Thanks for your time and I’m glad I found your website as I intend on going through it extensively.


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