Rainbow Dinner 2

Rainbow dinner 02

Red: brown rice and tomato paste
Orange: grated carrot
Yellow: egg mixed and fried
Green: lightly fried brocolli
Purple: lightly fried red cabbage


Tomato flavour didn’t work and the colour was orange. Adding grated beetroot tasted better but it made pink.

I still haven’t found anything blue to put in there. Borage flower would be good.

I would like to find something that makes a bright yellow to replace the eggs to make it vegan.

It was delicious.

Jesus Claus

Jesus Claus

b4 The classic image of Jesus as King
afte The classic image of him now. Age seems to have improved his mood. Or is it the rum?

Finally the season of mindless consumerism is closing. Christmas is now something that is in our face with pressure to buy something quickly or let the family down.  Let’s not forget that the christian church hijacked the celebration from a very important festival 4 days before: the Solstice.

In the north the winter solstice marks the beginning of the new year, winter has peaked and spring is on it’s way.

In the  south, the summer solstice is a marker to prepare for winter now. Make the most of swimming in the ocean, lakes and rivers. Be safe. Have a siesta at midday to avoid sunburn.

I’m not going to get into the hypocrisy of celebrating one day of the year. It’s just a trick shops use to make you buy things you don’t need. It is a good excuse to spend time with family. But why do you need an excuse. Celebrate life and family every day.

Love and peace to you all.

The Mountain Of Love

To those not on the beautiful realm of Pueleaz Mau I extend warmest greetings to you and blessings. I have to say I have enjoyed sharing my journey with you through these communications.

You may be aware of the increase of volcanic activity on the island I belong to or you may be more focused on the activity in your own location. Pueleaz Mau only exists because the fault lines pushed the bottom of the sea to the top and we have always known it is only a matter of time.

af!ym has been stirring over the years. Steaming away out there she may look like a she’s been sent to the corner and  having time out from the rest  but she is actually the nipple of the breast that makes the whole bay.

White Island Dome Closeup 3D

An unusual ‘dome’ has formed in the crater about 25 meters wide with spines sticking up out of it.

nyapanj has been calling for years. I once climbed her and from her peak I could see across the clouds to my birthplace. She has been making threats for years and we hear her still today.

eyoje af

eyoje af has been looking over my home for years and now I shall climb her once more tomorrow for the new moon with other members of the Church of the 4th Dimension to begin the solstice observance with a time of fasting, feasting, praying, playing, remembering and premembering. I intend to return after two full moons but have set up a few little posts to come through automatically while I am meditating on the mountain of love, eyoje af.

!nu eyoje, much love to you,


12/12/12 12:12:12

The Secret of the Crucifix

What does the image of the wounded Christ hanging from a cross mean to you?
To some it symbolizes the greatest sacrifice. Laying down your life for what you believe. It does. And the churches regularly remind us to focus on this.

Dali's Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) brought into the 3rd dimension by Rev Arthur Slade

Dali’s Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) brought into the 3rd dimension by Rev Arthur Slade

There is another perspective that you may not have considered and I think it may explain a few things that don’t add up about Christianity and it’s followers. Having grown up in the Catholic religion the imagery never really sunk in for me until recently. I thought nothing of it because it was an image that was always around. Perhaps you are desensitized to it also.

Imagine that one day visitors from another world appear before you. They are strangers. They look different to anyone you have ever seen. They want to communicate with you. And they are holding up models and banners depicting a dead human hanging from his hands.
How do you feel about this? I would feel intimidated. Imagine how the indigenous peoples of the world would have felt seeing Christian colonizers arriving with this imagery. These strange men covering their bodies with material, their hair cut short, their faces hairless and carrying a image of a naked, long-haired, bearded man nailed to a cross.

First landing of Columbus on the shores of the New World at San Salvador, WI, Oct 12th 1492 rendered 3D by Rev A Slade

First landing of Columbus on the shores of the New World at San Salvador, WI, Oct 12th 1492   brought into the 3rd dimension by Rev Arthur Slade

This gives us an insight into the true function of the image. It is a tool of intimidation. It is a example of what the Powers That Be will do to rebels. This will happen to you if you defy them. If you do not submit to their authority they will publicly humiliate, torture and kill you. It’s an amazing phenomenon. You end up with a church full of people focusing on one man that they will never be like. From an outward appearance to inner attitudes and actions. The human mind is naturally repelled by this image to not do anything that the man represents because of one simple fact. The man is dead and our natural instinct is to survive.

We can agree with the teachings all we want but that image, and the association we have of the stories of Jesus, go against our physical reaction to avoid it because it leads to death. If the time came to choose we would abandon the teachings of Jesus to avoid death.

That is why the people in the congregations will live their lives avoiding standing out from the crowd, they will never stand up to the bullying establishment and they will always do exactly what they are told by them.

Because of the image of the dead man as an example of what happens to rebels.

The use of death to control others is the m’dyk (magic) known as Necromancy.

Now that you know what it is you are released from its control. You will recognize it and be disgusted and pity those who are still in the trap.

Peace and Joy to you.

Planetary Alignment 3D

2012-12-03 Alignment 3D

Imaging by Celestia, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade


2012-12-03 Alignment Jupiter 3D

Imaging by Celestia, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade

As for the Giza Alignment:

Giza Dawn 2012-12-03 alignment 3D

Imaging by Google Earth and Stellarium, 3Ded by Rev Arthur Slade