Solar Eclipse Street Party 2012

Sadly we couldn’t see the total eclipse.The boat trip fell through due to severe weather warnings so we made do with a street party back home. We provided the public with a viewing masks and showed how to see it with the simple hand projection technique.

The hail and lightning storms the night before rained themselves out to give us some clear views of the first half of the eclipse. However we didn’t mind the light cloud cover because we could see the eclipse through it without the need for viewing gear.

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Here are some photos (best viewed with red/cyan 3D glasses). In the right eye is someone viewing the eclipse and through the left is what they see. There is also a 4D shot of photographer Simon Marr and a 3D photo he took of a hand projection. Most crowd shots were taken by Simon.

There is an CGImage that I’ve made 3D of an eclipse from Earth’s orbit. I’ve also made a 4D image from two 2D images. The clouds moved between shots so have given a 3D effect. Because it is time that caused the 3D effect it is dubbed 4D.

BTW we were unable to see the total eclipse so the image I used in the photos is from somewhere else. All other photos of the eclipse were taken by Rev Arthur Slade.

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