Photos from Full Moon Celebration Nov 2012

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Found: One Moon GOD

I stumbled upon GOD one day when explaining the phases of the moon to a young science student. “An easy way to remember the sequence is that the light on the moon in the evening  just after the sun sets is shaped like a C here in the southern hemisphere.” I then explained how it would then get full and wane until it looked like a D rising before the sun. But that bugged me. A backwards C was a better description because a capital D is more like the last quarter. But if we are talking in quarters then what letter is the first quarter? G, I suppose. And the full moon is obviously…O… my god. I found you!

It is a custom in our world to observe the seventh day to honour GOD. Now, can you guess what happens in the heavens every seven days? One of the four phases of the moon as pictured here.

We have finally found GOD

This is where the Church of the Fourth Dimension comes in. We believe that we live in a 3 dimensional world. Everything has length, width and depth. But what about time? When we examine our world in the fourth dimension we start seeing things. When we put these four images of the moon phases (four slices of time) together we are viewing the fourth dimension in a two dimensional context. We have gone a step further. Using the anaglyph technique of viewing through red/cyan glasses each eye is seeing each phase a day apart emphasizing the roundness of the seemingly flat image of the moon.

Now we can see what is written in the stars.


This is the origin of the word we use to describe the guardian of our planet. Just as the Hebrews also formed the word יהוה or Yahweh. Yod (י) is the new moon, He (ה) the half moons (first and last quarters) and Wau (ו) the full moon.

Yod (י) is the new moon, He (ה) the half moons (first and last quarters) and Wau (ו) the full moon.

Reverend Bares All For Art

Rev Arthur Slade was a life model for artist Sijjey Jayfsa on Wednesday as an example for disciples to come out of their shells, try new experiences and to expand their horizons. This leads to life in the Fourth Dimension.

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

The iconic image from the 1st Matrix film brought into the fourth dimension by Rev Arthur Slade.

Solar Eclipse Street Party 2012

Sadly we couldn’t see the total eclipse.The boat trip fell through due to severe weather warnings so we made do with a street party back home. We provided the public with a viewing masks and showed how to see it with the simple hand projection technique.

The hail and lightning storms the night before rained themselves out to give us some clear views of the first half of the eclipse. However we didn’t mind the light cloud cover because we could see the eclipse through it without the need for viewing gear.

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Here are some photos (best viewed with red/cyan 3D glasses). In the right eye is someone viewing the eclipse and through the left is what they see. There is also a 4D shot of photographer Simon Marr and a 3D photo he took of a hand projection. Most crowd shots were taken by Simon.

There is an CGImage that I’ve made 3D of an eclipse from Earth’s orbit. I’ve also made a 4D image from two 2D images. The clouds moved between shots so have given a 3D effect. Because it is time that caused the 3D effect it is dubbed 4D.

BTW we were unable to see the total eclipse so the image I used in the photos is from somewhere else. All other photos of the eclipse were taken by Rev Arthur Slade.

Solar Eclipse November 2012

3D anaglyph by Rev A Slade

We are very fortunate to be prepared for the Solar Eclipse tomorrow. We are in a very good position for viewing it here in Pueleaz Mau but we are going a step further and heading out to sea to view the total eclipse. It is due to peak at 10.30 am NZDT at S 33° W 180°.

Celebrations will begin at 9.30 when the moon begins to enter the sun’s circle. We will be drumming for two hours during the peak and through to 11.30 when the moon has exited the sun’s circle.