Danny Wilten Hubble’s Orion Nebula vs Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

Danny Wilten has written a book called Orion In The Vatican showing his discoveries over the last two years analyzing pictures of the Orion Nebula and comparing them to great paintings. One that stands out for me is Michelangelo’s Creation Of Adam. This is a great example of  Fourth Dimensional Art with a time difference of nearly 500 years.

Right eye: Hubble’s detailed photo of the Orion Nebula released 2006. Left eye: Michelangelo’s The Creation Of Adam. Did Michelangelo have access to the details of the Orion Nebula in 1511? (Adapted for anaglyph by Rev A Slade)

In 2006, NASA released a photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of the Orion Nebula showing great detail never seen before. But Wilten questions the claim that this is our first look at the nebula and superimposes great art works produced well before the images from Hubble. Along with the ebook , Wilten has made many videos showing how art corelates to images of the Orion Nebula.

Adapted for anaglyph by Rev A Slade

The theory goes on to suggest that the Vatican has long had knowledge of our origins and God’s connection to Orion and that the artists have left these clues for us.

Pyramid Scheme

Detail of reverse of US One Dollar Bill. 3Ded by Rev A Slade

2013-01-17 update from Rev A Slade
Apologies to those who found this page by searching for ‘illuminati’. Here is only a mere 3D rendering of a feature of the back of the US one dollar bill. I would like to go more in to it at some stage in the future but as still feel like I haven’t researched it enough. All I can say now is that illuminati means the enlightened, but if you want to join the exclusive club that is referred to as The Illuminati then, as the John Lennon song says, “First you must learn how to smile as you kill”