Happy Equinox

This Sunday we will be meditating on the works of Dali and their place in the Fourth Dimension.

His melting watches is perhaps his most recognized motif. The Persistence of Memory of 1931 was revisited in 1954 with The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory.


Dali ~ Persistence of Memory and it’s Disintegration
4Ded by Rev A Slade 2012 September Equinox

Every day is a celebration of time and an Equinox is more so. Today the day is the same length as the night in the North and the South. Here in Pueleaz Mau it is Spring so for the next 3 months the time of sunlight is getting longer each day and the darkness shorter. It is important to mark these events with a Ceremony or Ritual so we create a map of time in our minds. This is observing the fourth dimension.

The Persistence of Memory is a depiction of this in action. Events or symbols of things stick in our memory most of them seem random. When we mark these occasions with Ritual and map our memory then we are writing our story.

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory is the antithesis of the first painting. It tells the story of when these memories fade and reminds us of the importance of Ritual to keep refreshing the points of reference on our time map.

The Spring Equinox Celebration at is on Sunday 23rd at the Pueleaz Mau Community Garden at 11am. All Welcome.

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