The Role of the Third Eye in the Fourth Dimension

The Third Eye in the Fourth Dimension (Original by Paul Agule)

We have spoken elsewhere about the Third Eye (here) but what exactly is it?

We still have no idea. But at the Church of the Fourth Dimension we continue investigating. This is a new religion, one more akin to science, where we admit we are wrong, that we do not really know and that we value each other’s ideas.

There are a handful of theories that keep recurring. One is that some people actually have a physical light sensitive structure behind they forehead as does the amazing Tuatara.

The Tuatara, the last dinosaur, has a third eye covered by skin between its two visible eyes.

Another is that refers to the pineal gland. During meditation this gland is activated and releases its signals to the body and brain causing a sensation of insight.

The theory that resonates with me is that the Third Eye is the brain. It is the act of remembering and/or imagining and comparing to instances. I take this activity for granted too often so I like to remind myself of it.

Much of the 4D art I create follows this idea. For example, in the red eye may be the past (b4) and the blue eye the future (afte). This is how I intend you to view the 4D images:

  1.  When viewing the image hold a hand in front of an eye at a time to understand each image.
  2. Then view them both together and soak it in. Or close both your eyes. Most importantly of all, think.

Thinking about the difference in the images or the time and space between each shot is the act of Seeing with your Third Eye into the Fourth Dimension.

National Geographic’s “Afghan Girl” – For 17 years photographer Steve McCurry has tried to once again find the subject of his famous 1984 photo. Now he has.
4D-ed by Rev Arthur Slade of the Church of the 4th Dimension